A Glance Inside A Smart-Enabled Home

Every household's new home unit will be equipped with built-in features: • Smart Switched Socket Outlet • Smart Distribution Board. These pre-embedded fixtures will be enabled by HomeQlik mobile application that will allow residents to easily set-up, configure and monitor the smart-enabled fixtures.

Smart-Enabled Home

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Smart-Enabled Homes is an initiative to enhance the distribution board and selected switched socket outlets in your home, for you to monitor your household energy consumption and easily install smart home solutions. It will allow you to enjoy greater convenience and energy savings with a built-in energy monitoring system using the HomeQlik app.

Smart Switched Socket Outlets (“SSSOs”) are power sockets that can also monitor the energy usage of connected electrical appliances.

If the Smart Switched Socket Outlet (“SSSO”) is switched ON, there will be a green indicator light at the top-left corner of the socket.

There is a recessed power button right below the indicator light, which allows you to switch ON or OFF the energy-monitoring of the Smart Switched Socket Outlet (“SSSO”).

The Smart Switched Socket Outlet (“SSSO”) will still function as a conventional power socket even when the energy monitoring function is OFF.

The Smart Switched Socket Outlet (“SSSO”) can be reset by unplug and replug your device or appliance into the socket. Alternatively, you may use a pin or any thin object to press the reset button below the recessed power button, if the SSSO is not performing the energy-monitoring function as it should be.

The Smart Distribution Board (“Smart DB”) monitors overall energy consumption of your household, including devices that are not connected to the Smart Switched Socket Outlet (“SSSO”). It also functions as a gateway for compatible smart home devices. A list of these compatible devices can be found in the HomeQlik app.

The Smart Distribution Board (“Smart DB”) requires a connection to your home WIFI network to make use of its smart features.

Your data is kept safe in the cloud with multi-layered cybersecurity technologies.

With the Secured Cloud Platform, you will be accessing the data or managing your smart home devices on the go through the platform.

The HomeQlik app is available on Google Play store or Apple App Store.

  • Firstly, you will need to sign up for a HomeQlik account using the mobile number that is registered with HDB when you purchase your flat. If you want to update your phone number, login to your HDB account at www.hdb.gov.sg
  • Secondly, key in the 6-digit One Time Password (OTP) that was sent to your mobile number via SMS, during account registration.
  • Thirdly, enter your flat’s postal code and unit number.
  • Forth, after the verification, link your home WIFI connection with the Smart DB.

You can use either passcode, fingerprints (E.g. Touch ID) or facial recognition (E.g. Face ID) for login.

The dashboard is the homepage of the app and allows you to visualize your household’s energy consumption, including the appliances monitored by SSSOs.

The warranty is one (1) year starting from TOP date.

  • You can visit our website (www.homeqlik.sg) for more information.
  • You can call the Technical support hotline: +65 6316 5358 (Weekdays – 9am to 6am).
  • You can send E-mail to mynicehome@homeqlik.sg


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